What Our Customers Say...

"We bought our engagement/wedding rings from G&H 5 years ago, and although we live in Michigan now, they still take care of our rings. We sent them in for an inspection and a lost stone and there were no issues at all. I loved calling in and talking with the same people who helped us 5 years ago. They also remembered my wife and I which I thought was pretty impressive."

Daniel Tallman

"I love G&H. We bought my husbands wedding band there, and they custom made my wedding band based on a description I gave them. It turned out beautiful! Callie is great to work with and super friendly/down to earth. They don't bombard you when you walk in and don't try to sell you the most expensive thing. I just recently went in to see about getting my rings sized, and they cleaned them while I was in the store. Callie noticed my engagement band had several loose diamonds and showed it to me. If she didn't let me know I would have lost the big diamond in my ring and that would've been really upsetting. They saved my ring! I can't be grateful enough."

Lisa Lindemann

"They guided my very first jewelry purchase when I was 16 and hopefully will guide me in my last. From Mr. & Mrs. Harris and Mr. & Mrs. Gatton in the Leonardtown Store to both Frank and Frankie, in Lexington Park, Wildewood, and their beautiful California store, I can't imagine making a jewelry purchase from anyone but my Harris family! Godspeed, love and blessings to all the family here and gone."

Mary-Ann Bruton

"G&H has been my family’s go to jewelry store for as long as I can remember. Now it’s the place I go to myself and the place my fiancé bought my beautiful engagement ring! They’re amazing to work with!"

Katelyn Kidwell

"We love G and H ... The entire staff is knowledgeable, professional and friendly. They always greet us by name and are so patient to let me "look" at all the items that catch my eye. Customer service is not dead!"

Tracy Heffentrager

"A huge shout out and thank you to our second family at G&H Jewelers back home. Matt you are an amazing jeweler, my custom rings are perfect. Callie, you are just the BOMB like I've told you many times! Thank you for all the long talks and help with designing and picking the perfect Ruby!"

Tanya Fleming