We will be happy to assess and discuss any questions you may have with your jewelry, free of charge. Repairs are completed on the premises by highly trained professionals. Repair charges vary tremendously from one item to the next, therefore it is critical that you bring your jewelry to us so that we may fairly and accurately determine the cost. We maintain the highest standards of perfection in each job we perform.

At G&H Jewelers we realize the sentimental value that accompanies each and every piece of jewelry that passes through our hands. With confidence we know you will feel comfortable and completely satisfied with the quality of repair we offer.

G&H Jewelers is proud to offer the latest advances in jewelry design and repair laser technology. Laser technology allows our master jewelers to not just solder but to weld precious metals enabling a stronger and more precise joint. By using laser technology, welding can be done in the direct vicinity of heat sensitive gemstones. In many cases this prevents the need to remove gemstones before repair of the mounting. The laser welder is equipped with a stereo microscope with a crosshair to facilitate the exact positioning of the laser. This laser fires at 20 shots per second. Our jewelers are professionally trained and educated with the newest developments in the jewelry industry. These advancements in jewelry design and repair are proof of the commitment and dedication that G&H Jewelers prides themselves in offering to our customers.

Eye Glass Repair

Most of us have experienced it at one point or another... hearing that excruciating "crunch!" as you sit or step on your glasses. In most cases we can repair your glasses with our laser welder. Our laser welder allows us to precisely repair glasses and sunglasses with metal frames. Fixing eyeglasses with laser technology is superior to traditional soldering. Save yourself the cost of a new pair by extending the life of your eyeglasses until you are ready for a new prescription or keep them as a spare pair!