Pearl & Bead Restringing


Pearl and bead restringing is done in house by a GIA trained professional with 26 years of experience. Pearls should be restrung as soon as you notice any wear on the "string" (usually nylon or silk) or gaps between the pearls and the knots . Pearls that are worn often should be restrung approximately every four years. If you wear them frequently, check to see if any of the pearls slide between the knots. If so, they are ready to be restrung.

Make up, powder and grime will often form a soft, gluey paste on the string, attacking both the silk and the pearls. Other than gently wiping them with a soft cloth after a night out, do not clean them yourself. The soft lustrous surface can be dulled or even dissolve if the pearls are placed in the wrong type of cleaner for an extended period of time.

Store pearls separately from other jewelry in a cloth bag or jewelry pouch. Truly a gift from the sea these gemstones require a little TLC. They should be the last thing that you put on before walking out your door and the first thing you take off upon returning home.

Pearls react badly to chemicals, including body oils, sweat, perfume and deodorants. And although some pearls originate in the ocean, they do not do well in salt water. Well maintained pearls will last for generations.